Calgary, AB Canada

Our Policies

Walden medical Clinic is a family medicine clinic that offers a range of clinical services.  Patients are seen by appointment only.  There are no walk-in patients at this time.




The physicians and staff will make every attempt to accommodate patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Appointments are scheduled for 15 to 20 minutes according to need.  The physicians offer excellent care and are committed to treat each patient with dignity and respect.


We require that you be on time for your appointment so that other patients being seen after you are not compromised.  If you arrive more than half the time of your scheduled appointment, this will be rescheduled and a no show fee will take into effect.


Being mindful of the length of time of your appointment, please prioritize your necessary concerns. Multiple family members may not share the same appointment time and must book individually.


If you are unable to come to your appointment, we ask that you inform us one business day ahead by phone, so that we may be able to offer the time to other patients. A no show fee will take effect for a missed appointment. If three appointments are missed without proper notice, we may remove your name from our patient roster.




As we have a full patient roster, we reserve the right to offer your position on our patient roster to other potential patients if you have had no contact with the clinic for two years. 




Walden Medical Clinic has a ZERO tolerance policy for verbal and/or physical abuse towards the staff and physicians.